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Ceare Agency is built on a genuine passion to empower, educate and enable people to tap into the real value and innate potential that they possess. Our comprehensive, customer-centered approach encompasses a wide range of services that all fit together to create effective solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, challenges and circumstances.

You could describe our services with simple terms like business development or professional coaching, but what we really do is cut down into the very core of each of our clients businesses or professional lives to expose what’s hiding beneath the surface. We want to help uncover your full potential so you can better serve other people, organizations and yourself!

Ceare isn’t just another strategic or management consultancy. We are a progressive, innovative and creative woman owned business that is always looking for ways to play and win big. Assessment, strategic planning and advisory sessions all serve as exciting opportunities for clients to connect with themselves and start leveraging their true worth to create real impact with their customers.


At Ceare Agency, we understand the unique challenges and complexities faced by government contract administrators. Our dedicated team specializes in government contracting, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower contract administrators in achieving exceptional results.

  1. Expertise in Diverse Fields: With a wealth of experience in marketing, strategic planning, program management, hospitality and tourism, staffing, and tourism, we bring a versatile skill set to your projects, ensuring comprehensive support at every stage.

  2. Strategic Solutions: We work closely with contract administrators to develop strategic plans that align with government objectives and regulations, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your initiatives.

  3. Precise Program Management: Our program management expertise ensures that contracts are executed flawlessly, maintaining compliance, deadlines, and budgets, while minimizing administrative burdens.

  4. Industry-Specific Insight: In hospitality and tourism, we leverage our industry-specific knowledge to create exceptional experiences and destinations that align with government goals.

  5. Top Talent Acquisition: Our staffing solutions help you build a high-performing team, connecting you with skilled professionals who understand the nuances of government contracting.

We are committed to supporting government agency's, non-profits, and private businesses with tailored solutions that streamline processes, reduce risks, and maximize the impact of your contracts. Partner with us to navigate the intricate world of government contracting with confidence.


1  East Erie Street

Ste, 525-4858

Chicago, IL 60611


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