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A person’s value isn’t just a function of where they’ve been, what they’ve accomplished or the things they possess, it’s also about how they can leverage their abilities and character to serve others. As I take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself, I do so knowing that all of these experiences have shaped and prepared me to help Ceare’s clients face the challenges and seize the opportunities that present themselves every single day.

I could start by telling you about the many interesting and valuable lessons I learned while attending an all-girls Catholic school in the southside of Chicago. I could also share plenty of details from the exciting and irreplaceable years spent studying political science and communications at the Southern Illinois University (SIU) at Carbondale.

There are plenty of engaging stories here that would offer some insight into who I am now, but they really only mark the beginning of the long journey that has led me to my current work as a business coach and consultant at Ceare Agency.

A Profession in Politics

During my education at SIU, I interned at a lobbying firm that served clients from heavy-hitting industries like tobacco and pharmaceuticals. After finishing school, I was honored to receive the Paul Simon fellowship that placed me in the Lt. Governor of Illinois’ office. My work in this office and in state house legislative races helped me fully appreciate the importance of a definite stance, clear message and laser-focus on the target audience.

The insights and experience I gained from participating in and managing these local political campaigns made a permanent impression on my approach to business management. The most important lesson I learned was that people are what mattered most, from the beginning of the process to the very end. Emphasis on real relationships was fundamental to my strategy as finance director and it empowered me to help raise millions of dollars in campaigns across two states.

Understanding how to influence and address the needs of other people is how you succeed, whether you are running for public office, launching a new business idea or just trying to make friends in a new social environment. This realization was a driving force in the victories achieved in all the races I managed.

Discovering Myself Through Sales

Years of education and hands-on experience in politics formed a solid professional foundation based on building relationships, capitalizing on opportunities and exercising precise management tactics. This powerful skill-set propelled me forward as I explored a new career path in the world of corporate sales. The transition into this new environment marked the first point in my life that my job was oriented around relatively short-term and purely transactional relationships.

Knowing the genuine value of your own products or services prepares you to personalize and tailor them to each customer. Creative persuasion isn’t about inflating the product’s value or misleading the customer, it’s actually about crafting and delivering a narrative that genuinely connects your solution to a real problem or need.

Stretching myself and leveraging my past experiences to succeed in a sales environment was uncomfortable at times, but it ultimately opened up an amazing window of insight into myself. This self-exploration uncovered my true professional passion: the desire to help people understand, express and utilize the value that they already possess.

The Passion Behind Ceare Agency

My passion for helping others develop genuine awareness about their own value and potential is the driving force behind Ceare Agency’s mission. The skills, knowledge and confidence gained from a career spanning both the political and corporate spectrum transfers seamlessly into business development and consulting.

Serving clients directly lets me teach them how to invest in the people, ideas and causes they care about. Working on a mixture of large and small business interests also gives me ample opportunity to leverage key qualifications and specialized skills as much as possible.

My early successes as an independent consultant and business coach inspired me to build upon this service by founding Ceare. It’s my hope and goal to continue providing personalized solutions for all kinds of clients, ranging from small companies to enterprise-level corporations, through a full-fledged agency that is equipped to address the needs of modern businesses and their leaders.

Certifications and Licenses 


Former Professional Licenses :
Series 6 - Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Representative
Series 63 - Uniform Securities Agent State Law
Life insurance License


2019- Essentials of Project Management Management - Northwestern University
2019 - Developing People and Teams - Northwestern University
2019 - Business Analytics - Harvard University Business School

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