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Give the brand what you want!

This is a new thing around here but it's something I do for my clients each week.

Here's the thing, no matter if you are an expert or just getting started we all face new challenges in our business -- especially when we are growing. Over the last few days, I've seen this questions a lot :

Brand 'x' wants to partner with me & I am not comfortable the compensation they are offering. What can i do? ** 2 things to remember : 1- You can and should ask questions 2- You cannot get what you want if you do not ask for it ** Here is a quick response template I created : “ Hello Greatest Brand Ever, Thank you for reaching out. I am excited to learn more about the potential partnership. My family would love to (whatever you are comfortable with). I went over the proposed compensation & i am wondering if there is flexibility. We are comfortable with wearing ‘x’. In fact, we have been eyeing ‘x’ products for the upcoming school year. For compensation, we’d prefer having ‘x’ (in addition to or in lieu of) of gift cards. Please let me know your thoughts. Again, thank you for reaching out." - Family Name *** Please feel free to share this & come back next Sunday.


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