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3 tips to get more sells and less stress

Are you experiencing selling fatigue?

I know you are probably thinking "what is that"?

That's the process where you are looking to start or grow your sales so you seek new resources.

This practice comes in many forms and is not limited to :

📍Asking people for their opinion who are NOT your ideal customer 📍Drastically cutting costs to increase volume and in turn alienating your core market 📍 Vetting products to "improve" your business flow that are not crucial to your business. See: adding the cost of a name brand screen recorder when you can record and edit videos through high quality low/no cost programs.

If you want to increase sales there are less draining and more fulfilling ways to do it.

📍 Create a bundle of your current offerings. 📍 Update your clients about what's next 📍 Expand your products to include more markets. For example, you teach people how to do yoga and maybe you only offer beginners courses. Create a graduation process for beginners and introduce clients to the next phase. Focus on growth that allows you to expand your reach instead of creating something "new".

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