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Fundraising woes? We can help.

Welcome Back! In this week edition of #SoliveItSunday . Let's discuss!

Business : Non-Profit

Mission : Ending Teenage Homelessness

Objective : Increase Donors and Donations

Pain point : They do not have a fundraising structure

Notes: They have a very robust list of local community support. In the last year they have raised just under $75,000 in cash and in-kind services

Insight : Here’s the thing, fundraising is an everyday all day operation. This client, like many non-profits, relies on the same core donors. This year they have amassed a lot of interested donors but so far no one has donated. I took a look at their program and there are 3 BIG mistakes I noticed :

1- The focus of the website and the pitch is on their organization. That’s it. Here’s the thing, people do NOT donate to your organization to improve the organization. They donate to improve the quality of life of the population you serve. Think about it : You give money to an organization for cancer research – not to the organization. Your expectation is to add value not finance operations. Right? Right.

2- There is no indication that anyone is supporting the organization. Your core is your leverage. You can raise $500,000 or $15,000 and people want to see your impact. Literally, see. You have an obligation to humanize your cause and the only way to do that is to give it a face, voice and message. That means celebrating your volunteers, clients and donors alike all the time.

3- Lack of communication. We went through their potential donor list and they have done ZERO relationship management. In the last 6 months they only communicated with people asking for donations. Even worse they did not follow up after people made commitments to give. There must be communications plan for every single donor relationship – even the ‘no’.

Does any of this sound familiar? I can help you. Our Project 1025 program clients have been able to re-energize their donor base and expand their brand identity across industries to attract new donors.

We would love for your organization to be next. You can contact us here or on Facebook at Ceare Agency today.

I look forward to working with you.

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